Nuvue Trifold Vanity and Wardrobe Mirrors

Trifolding Vanity and Wardrobe Mirrors

Nuvue’s tri fold (three-way) mirrors provide full 360 degree viewing for use in your vanity, bathroom, or bedroom. The tri fold (three-way) mirrors mount flush on the wall, with clean lines and no frames.

The trifolding mirrors improve the appearance and functionality of the vanity with the sleek look and functional approach. The clean lines and “no frame” appearance provide a very clean look in the bathroom. The wardrobe mirror also provides 360 degree viewing for dressing, enabling an impressive full-view experience.

  • Pivoting side wings (trifold) allow full-swing 360 degree viewing, a time-saving convenience
  • Clean crisp lines compliment any decor
  • Mounts flush against the wall
  • Installs in minutes with standard mirror clips
  • “No frame” appearance
  • 1/4” plate mirror
  • Pencil polished or beveled edges
  • Chrome plate hinges
  • Vinyl backed mirror for safety