Nuvue Trifold Vanity and Wardrobe Mirrors

Trifold Mirror Installation

Nuvue tri-fold mirrors are easy to install if you follow the directions. All Nuvue three-way mirrors are shipped with the necessary mounting clips for installation.

Mounting clips are to be placed on the mirror hinges, NOT on the mirror!!!

If you are installing the trifold mirror above the bathroom vanity, make sure it is above the sink and fixtures to allow the three-way wings to open and close freely. Mount at least 8 inches or more above the counter or backsplash. Center the mirror over the sink or center it under the light fixture for a more attractive view.

If you are installing the tri-fold mirror in a bedroom over a dressing table, follow the same guidelines of centering the mirror over the table and raising the mirror so the wings can be moved without having to move items that would be in the way. The wardrobe mirror is installed the same way. Be sure to raise at least 8 inches off the floor, so you do not hit the mirror with vacuum or shoes. The mounting directions below are applicable for installation with all Nuvue mirrors.


  1. Discard the four plastic shims provided in the box with the mounting-clips. They are of no use. The mounting clip fits the hinge exactly and will not fit with the shims.
  2. Use a good sheetrock anchor, when the mounting clips do not hit solid backing, such as a wooden stud. Each square foot of 1/4" mirror weighs more than 3 pounds, the bottom J clips will hold the weight, so get good strong sheetrock anchors.
  3. Set the bottom J clips, there are 4 clips, two J clips that go on the bottom, and two springloaded clips that are for the top.
  4. To locate screw holes for top clips, set rule in bottom J clip, measure up full height of mirror and then measure back down 7/8" inch for the top clip's screw hole.
  5. After all clips are set, place mirror in top clips. Push up to activate springs and then set mirror down in bottom clips.

Strong vinyl backing for safety and to deter chemical erosion. The picture shows the chrome plated hinges.

The picture shows the clip on an installed mirror. This mirror has the optional beveled edge.