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Nuvue’s tri fold (three-way) mirrors provide full 360 degree viewing for use in your vanity, bathroom, or bedroom. The tri fold (three-way) mirrors mount flush on the wall, with clean lines and no frames. The trifolding mirrors improve the appearance and functionality of the vanity with the sleek look and functional approach. The clean lines and “no frame” appearance provide a very clean look in the bathroom. The wardrobe mirror also provides 360 degree viewing for dressing, enabling an impressive full-view experience.

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Trifold Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

The three-way, tri folding vanity mirror uses a full-swing hinged that can change an ordinary vanity into an extraordinary addition to the decor of your home. This exquisite tri-fold mirror visually enlarges and lightens the bathroom and provides functional advantages for your grooming needs. This trifold, vanity mirror allows 360 degree viewing while its smooth, clean lines adds elegance and style to any bathroom or dressing area.

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Beautiful Simplicity

Flush mounted to the wall, the trifold mirrors are constructed from 1/4 inch plate mirror, backed with vinyl for safety and cleanliness with chrome plated hinges. They are found only here on the web.

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360 Degree Viewing

The trifolding mirrors improve the appearance and functionality of the vanity with the sleek look and functional approach. Pivoting side wings (trifold) allow full-swing 360 degree viewing, a time-saving convenience.

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Optional Storage

You can add one or two optional recessed storage cabinet inserts behind the mirror wings if you are remodeling or doing new construction in the bathroom and have access to the space between the wall studs. The full-swing hinge capabilities are still maintained.

Vanity Trifold Mirror Pricing and Sizes

All of the tri-folding vanity and wardrobe mirrors are made in the United States. All mirrors include free shipping and handling. For any custom orders or inquiries, please contact us!

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Beveled Edge

Sizes A C B Price
36x36" 11.5" 13" 11.5" $241.95
48x36" 15.5" 17" 15.5" $267.95
54x36" 15.5" 23" 15.5" $280.95
60x36" 15.5" 29" 15.5" $318.95

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Pencil Edge

Sizes A C B Price
36x36" 11.5" 13" 11.5" $189.95
48x36" 15.5" 17" 15.5" $203.95
54x36" 15.5" 23" 15.5" $217.95
60x36" 15.5" 29" 15.5" $254.95

Closet Wardrobe Mirrors

The tri-folding, three way wardrobe mirror is one of the most popular Nuvue mirrors. This full-length, trifolding mirror is the perfect addition to any walk-in closet, dressing areas, or sewing rooms. The wardrobe mirror provides 360 degree, full-length viewing that lightens and enlarges any room. The frameless design provides a clean, bright appearance that adds elegance to any decor. Our wardrobe mirrors are always attached to a wall. They are not made to sit on the floor without anchoring.

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Additional Hardware Options

Our hardware is available in options other than chrome. We have a soft rub bronze available as well for an additional $45 and nickel available for an additional $15. Simply call us to talk about your project in detail.

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Custom Work and Sizes

We are more than capable of creating a custom wardrobe mirror for you. You will need to call us or email us to fill your custom order. You can email us at . Please include your desired specifications and a phone number at which we can contact you. To have us cut down the mirror to a smaller sizes please add $20.00. If you're wanting a beveled edge on a custom size, there will be an additional charge of $0.45 per inch of outside perimeter.

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Other Requests

If there's something you don't see here that you're wanting, why not give us a call at or email us at ? We are here to answer any of your questions and do whatever we can to earn your business!

Wardrobe Mirror Pricing and Sizes

All of our wardrobe mirrors are made in the United States and include free shipping and handling. Please see below for our sizes and prices:

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Beveled Edge

Sizes A C B Price
42"x60" 13" 16" 13" $485.95

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Pencil Edge

Sizes A C B Price
42"x60" 13" 16" 13" $395.95

Need a special or unique size?

Need something irregular, or do you need to make sure what we have is what you need? We are here to answer any and all of your questions. Feel free to give us a call at or to fill out the form here. We have literally decades of experience and can accomodate almost any request. So, don't hesitate to call now!

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Not only are our mirrors of the highest quality, our prices are virtually untouchable. For mirrors of the same quality and size, most of our competitors charge double the price that we do. That's assuming that you can actually find mirrors that are as large as ours. Most people don't realize how much bigger our mirrors are than our competitors. Because of the different size, we hesitate to even refer to them as "competition".

Most of our business is from repeat customers because of the quality of our mirrors and the way in which we take care of our customers. Buy a mirror from us today, and we know that you'll be back in the future!

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I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the mirror I received. I am very satisfied! You did a great job with the construction, packaging, and shipping.

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I just returned from out of town and saw the new mirror on the wall that my husband and son put up. Looks beautiful! Very happy, I will tell others about your work.

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George S.:

I just installed my new tri-fold mirror. I must say that the product exceeded my expectations. The construction and operation is top of the line. I really did not expect this high of quality at such a reasonable price.

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Thank you for a really beautiful mirror.

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Nina S.:

I just want to express how VERY happy we are with the mirror we ordered. We installed it over the weekend, and it’s wonderful! It’s very sturdy, and the workmanship is flawless. It’s large enough, yet fits our narrow bathroom perfectly without taking up too much space. The side mirrors fulfill my need for the tri-view, and move effortlessly. It was the finishing touch on our remodel, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you so much!

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Jacqui P.:

I received the mirror and I am very pleased with my purchase. The mirror is beautiful and it arrived in perfect condition.